Aarohanam- Carnatic Vocal
Milestone Examinations

Aarohanam School of Music is very happy to start Milestone Examinations for the carnatic vocal category. Here any student can enroll and take up an assessment for self evaluation. There are different milestone levels available. Students can choose their milestone level and enroll. Following are the milestones along with the syllabus covered in each milestone.

Milestone 1

Sarali Varasais (14), Melsthayi Varasais (3), Lower Sthayi Varisais (3), Dhatu Varasais (2), Janti Varasai (5), Alankarams (7)

Milestone 2

Milestone 1+ All Ten Geetams and Four Swarajathis

Milestone 3

Milestone 2+ Six Adi tala varnams and Five Madhyama kala Krithis

Milestone 4

Milestone 3+ Four Adi tala varnams and 5 Vilamba Kala Krithis

1. Questions will be sent immediately after enrollment and one week will be given to answer all the questions.
2. Answers to all questions should be in the form of an Unlisted YouTube Video link.
3. Submissions will be evaluated by expert musicians and a report card with certificate will be sent to the students

Vocal Courses

We take Carnatic Vocal, Sampradaya Bhajan and Shloka classes. Learn music in a traditional way and all the classes are handled by experienced Musicians of high caliber.

Instrument Courses

We have Carnatic Flute classes online with a systematically arranged curriculum and our own evaluation module for continuous assessment and learning.

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