Devotional Music Classes

Unlock your spiritual journey with our online devotional music classes and master the art of singing soulful bhajans and keerthanas taught by renowned artists. Join our classes today and experience the joy of learning melodious devotional music from the comfort of your home.

This course is intended to teach all types of Devotional Classical Music forms such as Bhajans, Keertanas composed by Purandara Dasa, Kanakadasa and other composers along with a number of Namasankeertanas which will be filled with enormous amount of “Bhakti”
• The class will be a one-to-one online session with expert musicians in the field of Indian Classical Music
• Students of any age with no prior classical music training can enroll
• Class Duration and Schedule: 40 Minutes, One session per week



  • One class per week, scheduled at your convenience.
  • Detailed Notes will be provided.
  • Class recordings will be provided and students are expected to practice using it.
  • Reference videos will be provided wherever necessary.
  • Fees should be prepaid for every 4 classes.


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Vocal Courses

We take Carnatic Vocal, Sampradaya Bhajan and Shloka classes. Learn music in a traditional way and all the classes are handled by experienced Musicians of high caliber.

Instrument Courses

We have Carnatic Flute classes online with a systematically arranged curriculum and our own evaluation module for continuous assessment and learning.

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